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Ingwe Construction is a certified and experienced residential and commercial building service with an intensive workforce willing take on any type of construction project. Based in Sandton 61 Katherine street, Sandton, our services include new developments and construction, project planning, and on-site supervision and coordination.

Our standards include only the highest quality workmanship and guarantees. We are not just any construction company but one that prides itself in exceptional service delivery and attention to detail. We strive to incorporate client ideas and input into every building project. Combined with our expertise, every task is completed with collaborative efforts to bring our clients’ vision to life.

We do not compromise on our efforts and stick to valuable service solutions to ensure the longevity and structural integrity of all construction work. Owing to the versatility, diversity and skills of our professional team, every project is managed effectively. Highly qualified artisans and certified builders deliver impressive results in every building task.

Emphasis is on modern enhancements, creating solid foundations and developing homes that fit your budget and vision. We are experienced and skilled in delivering smaller startup homes to luxury complexes with sophisticated finishes.

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